SEA GULL TOOLS - Hand Tools, Wood-Working Tools, Painting & Wallcovering Tools, Drywall & Masonry Tools.

We are the manufacturers of woodwork tools, paint scrapers, putty knives, paint tools, masonry tools, scrapers, trowels, tile cutters, folding knives.

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SEA GULL TOOLS Manufacutrer - multirasp, spoke shave / bench plane / smoothing & block plane / rabbet plane / bull nose rabbet plane, putty knife / scraper / joint knife, taping knife / putty knife / scraper / joint knife, paint & wallcovering scraper, heavy duty scraper / wallpaper stripper / roller scraper, wallpaper tools-smoothing tools / superior quality trim guide / wallpaper tools.

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SEA GULL TOOLS was established more than three
decades ago. Our company is a world-class leader in
the international tool market.Today our NIEH CHUANG'S
factory makes over 300 different varieties of prestige,
durable products.Professionals, craftsmen,workmen,
contractors and DIYers around the world identify SEA GULL
as the representation of quality. Our experienced sales team
is committed to assist you with excellent and prompt
service at all times.We are honored by our customers' trust
and support. Furthermore, we sincerely hope we can bring
you the best services in the near future.